5 Home Automation Ideas

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5 Home Automation Ideas

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Home automation was once considered a luxury in most homes. Few people were able to afford automation products. However, this has changed significantly with most DIY home automation products selling cheaply. It is no easier to install custom programs in most homes with reasonable and practical prices. Homeowners without great home automation ideas looking to Home Automation 01add a smart device to their homes can learn some ideas from the list below.

1 Changing the lightening system

Changing the lightening system in your home is one of the simplest automation idea homeowners can quickly implement without much effort. The process is a simple one as homeowners will be required to unscrew their old bulbs and replace them wireless LED bulbs. Choose of smart light bulbs that can easily be operated via the wireless Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet.

2 Mood setting

You can easily create the much-required ambiance in your home through home automation. This can be achieved by using smart LED bulbs that allow you to adjust he color. This means you can quickly change the color or the bulbs or make them appear dimmer or brighter. You can go a step further and integrate music with your smart home system that will automatically allow a particular type of music to play depending on the mood.

Home Automation 043 Automate home security

One area the smart home systems have played an important role is in security. Add doors and windows sensors that will alert you once somebody tries to open or break in. Most signals are set to come as messages, calls or push alerts allowing you to call authorities to your home immediately.

4 Automation for disaster alerts

Apart from dealing with intruders and burglars to your home, smart home systems can be used to detect for disasters. Common accidents in most homes include things like fire, water leakages and leaking of gasses. Being able to get alerts for such disasters can go a long way to saving properties and lives.

5 Automation for child or pet monitoring

You can use wireless cameras to monitor your kids and pets. This is an excellent way to know Home Automation 06what is happening in your home when you are away. The wireless cameras are an excellent way to monitor your home against any form of crime.


Having a smart home system is no longer a luxury with most homeowners taking advantage of technology to make their homes much comfortable. Homeowners looking to improve their homes can use the above home automation ideas without having to spend much.