Iphone 6

iphone 6 goodSophisticated, lighter, and thinner best describes the iPhone 6 device. Produced by the giant manufacturers-apple Inc .

Is iPhone 6 a good phone?

Many will without doubt agree that is it a very good handset. What is more amazing than a phone with a display screen of 4.7 inches? This dual core 1.4GHz Apple A8 chipset phone has very good buttons for volume adjustments an aluminium body which is nice and sturdy.

Having an iOS as its operating system and an iOS 8 keyboard, this device faster and easy to use. The producers has enhanced this features for “reachability” functions as the use is able to shift the whole user interface down so that its elements are displayed at the top by just double tapping on the home button. This function is achieved by strictly tapping and not pressing to make your navigation experience smoother.

Every good phone has feature that sets it apart from the rest thus the new notification system on this phone is just awesome. What is more outstanding is that you can fully take control of the notifications behavior. Most phones normally use up so much of the battery without the user knowing which apps to close because of high battery use. The paramount thing is that it has a battery reporting that shows you which application is using a higher percentage of your battery.

We love taking photos and with the recent craze about social media photos, this device is just the best at this. It has the best camera with thirteen megapixel lens and thus the user is able to take photos by both the front camera and the rear camera. This has been enhanced by features like the phase detection autofocus, the autofocus HDR and digital image stabilizer. Taking photographs and videos at home or even anywhere else is thus fully enhanced, very clear and very stable. No one wants unclear or blurry pictures to upload on site or just have them as memories. Great memories are always accompanied by well taken and good photographs.

iphone 6 niceOther convenient features include using the TouchID to unlock the phone instead of the power button. Users who find it hard to safely grip this device may conveniently access cases meant for them and they will be sorted out. Experience the greatness of this phone weather you are using it for just the basic functions or more. Is iPhone6 is good?Yes it is indisputably very good with great qualities.