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Showbox – Watch Latest TV Shows And Episodes


Showbox is an app for video streaming carrying a wide range of latest TV shows and movies allowing you to watch them on your smartphone. This app is compatible with all types of smartphones with the only knowledge needed for its operation is how to install it. Showbox has a huge fan base with millions of downloads. Various users are using this app to watch all the latest Hollywood movies and TV shows.woman holding phone

When used with Chromecast download a user can instantly watch their favorite Movie and TV shows on their Television sets using this device. The app also allows you to download videos of various qualities and formats.

Showbox features

Below is a list of Showbox features and its functionality on various smartphones and Android platforms.

  • Categories for easy picking of TV shows
  • Regular updates to explore and watch latest movies.
  • HD option to watch videos and TV shows of full HD quality
  • Front page with a simple list of movies and TV shows
  • Simple with decent user interface
  • Do not require signing up, logging in or logging out.
  • On the go download of favorite movies and videos

Four main categories

1. Movies

By just tapping on this icon in your Showbox app you can get to see all the available movies and their various qualities. You are at liberty to either watch it immediately or download to watch it later at your pleasure.

2. Updates category

This category will provide you with all the recently updated TV shows and movies. It lists their proper names and other details with regards to dates, casts and production houses. Since updating happens regularly, you can always receive notifications in this category in the form of numbers to show the exact number of updated items on Showbox.

3. Shows

By tappinliving roomg this icon once, Shows category presents you a page with all available TV shows and their full series. The page that follows will provide you with the entire episodes of that very show. From there you can choose the episode you want to watch or even download it on the go for future viewing.

4. My library category

This category exists for easy management of your stuff. You can add your favorite stuff here for easy access whenever you need or want to.

With Showbox watch latest TV shows and episodes for your pleasure and leisure, which is a very good thing.