The Relevance of Web Hosting

web hosting

Web hosting is a type of storage service meant for web pages. O2 switch is a French web hosting service. You can get un avis honnĂȘte sur cet hĂ©bergeur from various online platforms. A host is a server or space within a server where you can have the files of your page saved. When different people connect to the server, they can see you site page on their browsers.

As you can imagine, to have a website, you need to have a hosting or web hosting. Otherwise, users will not be able to see your website. If you keep your website hosted on your computer, they can only see your website when their devices are on and if you give permissions. Hence the importance of web hosting. There are several benefits linked to web hosting. They include:

site hostingNo Need for Third Parties

When you depend on a service like and Wix, your website is in their custody. It is true that you can probably download the files and make a backup copy, but that does not mean that if they make changes to their platform, it cannot affect your business. The good thing is that your site is on your hosting and domain. Changes made by third parties cannot affect you in any way. You decide what you do with your website.

Get the Amount of Space You Need

web hostingYou don’t need to pay for new features that would otherwise be free. Only if you have premium plugins …