Advantages of Sending and Receiving Fax Through Gmail

People have been experiencing many problems with the fax machines for the past years, however, with the introduction of the Gmail faxing services, sending and receiving faxes has been affordable, faster and easier. Google fax has made a significant impact on most businesses by creating a social and technological environment that saves time and reduce the use of papers.

The new technology is beneficial for both companies and personal correspondences because of the amazing features supported by the fax service. You need to understand the following benefits of Gmail faxing to the users.

Supports Different Image Formats

Colorful envelopesGmail can convert images into the best format that you want to send. You are not limited to a specific image format as the fax machines do.

The automatic conversion of images to a format that is compatible with most faxes is a special feature to the users. If you want to print the photos or read them from your desktop, laptop or smartphone the Gmail faxing services allows convention of the images to pdf format within a short time.

Clear and Quality Content

Using the Gmail faxing services is much convenient because of the perfect clarity and high quality of the output documents. Whatever source you are using to send documents, the Gmail faxing services will maintain the original quality of the document because the process does not require scanning.

The receiver of the fax will have an improved quality document with perfect clarity. In general, the quality of documents is maintained a higher standard and compatible with all the faxing machines of the sender and the receiver.

Portability of the Faxing Services

Gmail has played an important role to ensure the portability of the faxing services, as everyone can send or receive faxes via their smartphones regardless of their geographical location. You will get an instant notification in your Gmail application whenever you receive a fax.

These free services will save your time and money, as you will not take much time rushing to the fax machine in your office or home to receive or send a fax.


Printing documentsFlexibility is a major benefit of sending and receiving faxes through Gmail. With Gmail, you will be able to print the document that you only need, unlike the use of a fax machine that will print the whole document because it does not allow you to separate anything the information that you receive.

It is convenient when you print only the relevant documents because it will save you time and money. You can easily preview your documents before you send or before you print so that you omit the irrelevant information.

Gmail has enabled convenience and flexibility because you do not need the fax machines anymore. All you need is to have a laptop or smartphone, Gmail account, and internet connectivity. It is also easy to obtain a fax number from the providers so that you can send and receive faxes. Similarly, the Gmail faxing services are relatively less costly compared to sending fax via fax machine, which is a significant advantage for businesses and personal correspondences.

Communication Insights: A Guide to Fax on Google for Business

Sometime back, we had the word of mouth and letters being the best mode of communication in business. Later the telephone and other means came up, and things were much easier. Most of us remember the fax which enables parties in different locations to get instant written messages.

It still remains one of the best formal communication that ever existed. Today, email communication has reduced the use of faxing. But not wholly: Google now can synchronize Gmail and fax so that communication with those who are still using fax are not locked out. Hence, you can easily Fax Online with Faxzee to make your business standout.

What is Fax on Google?

If you have a virtual fax number, then there is a way you can use email platform to send and receive fax to and from your recipients. Add your fax number to the existing Gmail account that you have created using the procedure that your Google fax service provider will give you. With numerous organizations still using fax as their preferred mode of communication, then you can rest assured that your business is at an advantage. There is no need of buying a faxing machine, which will be an uphill task anyway.

fax on gmail

As we are going to see, the process of getting this to work is very straightforward. Even if you do not have any technician to configure it for you, there is a simple step by step procedure you can follow. Any business that interacts with either suppliers, clients or any other organization with a fax need to embrace these services.

Google Fax Services to Consider

With innovation, you are likely to get a plethora of online fax services when you need them. Some come like apps while others are sophisticated software with numerous capabilities. The paid versions are better since they have a better support system. Here are the best three:

  • Efax – this is a popular option for many people in the business. It is a simple platform that allows you to send and receive fax in an organized way. It is voted as one of the best due to the versatility it has as much as it is simple.
  • MetroFax – this is another excellent paid online faxing platform. It is sophisticated with numerous capabilities and, therefore, one of the best for a chain of business that needs to centralize its operations. You may need a professional to configure it for your business to run smoothly.
  • MyFax – this suits small businesses perfectly. The good thing is that it has penetrated many regions with a great support system. You will be able to send fax messages with ease and receive them as well. Expect to pay some monthly fee for it to work well.

Getting Connected to Gmail Fax Services

The procedure of getting a fax number is simple. You will need to get a Google fax service provider who will give you a virtual fax number to use. Aparts, from this, they have all other capabilities as discussed above. You are at liberty of choosing the service provider you want depending on what they offer. You will also need a Gmail account which will be synchronized with the number. When all is set, using it is very easy.

Most people who have used these services confirm that it is as easy as sending an ordinary email. The only difference is that you enter the fax number of the recipient instead of the email address. You will use the attach capability of the Gmail to attach the documents that you need to fax.

It could be copies of invoices, receipts or any other document. Then you will click send for the message to get to your recipients. Receiving is more straightforward as you will get a notification just like an ordinary email. The attached documents are easy to retrieve and read, especially if your computer is configured well.


The above highlights enlighten any business person to become up-to-date with the right information on how to fax from Gmail. Upon the integration of this service, life will never be the same again.

Benefits of Having an Email Fax Number

The technological advancements and the digital revolution has not in any way made the use of fax obsolete. The digital revolution has the digitized the use of the old fax services. In the past, you were required to have a fax machine to send and receive fax message. However, the narrative has since then reformed to whole new level. You are only required to create an email account, reach out to a web-fax company and the link your email account to the fax number you acquired. Through the mobile technology, you can connect with other people all around the world. You are only required to subscribe, and your email address will be linked to an online fax account. Continue reading to apprehend some of the benefits of using an email fax number.

Saves Time

Unlike the old version of using a fax machine, using an email number to send and receive faxes is very time-saving. This particular type of communication allows a busy user to get instant messages for better operation. You do not have to get fax machine in the office to send or read messages. You only require your laptop or phone. This technology allows you to attach files and use it without too much hassle.


Easy to Use

The use of an email fax number is convenient and less draining regarding usage. Unlike the old fax machines, the new version does not require you to fill cover pages and wait for a deliver message to confirm a complete communication. When using an email fax number, you do go through all these troubles. You do everything from your Android phone or laptop at your convenience. You can send, receive and store faxes within a short time.


Enough Storage Space

Another key advantage of using an email fax number at this age is that it has a sufficient storage space for your file and messages. Using the online fax means storing your documents in an unlimited online storage space. You do not need to have a filing cabinet to secure your documents and messages. It is very easy to access your files at any time since they are saved online.


Legal Binding Feature

When you use an online fax service, you get to enjoy legally binging features. While you are using your email fax, you can electronically a sign your documents. This makes the authentication of your documents simple. And if there are any legal obligations, you are to meet the requirements. Therefore, if you have a big business you can do your transactions normally since this type of fax has a legal binding feature.


Compatible with your Email

A google fax number is compatible with your email. The compatibility of your online fax with the email makes it a more efficient way of sending and receiving messages. You can take files from your email and send them through your fax.

It is Affordable

This version of sending faxes is more pocket-friendly compared to the conventional faxing. It saves from buying things like fax machines, toners, and servicing. The only payment you are required to make is when subscribing to an online faxing service.