Top Benefits of Using Online Fax for Business

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Faxing still plays an important role in business. You can now send and receive faxes without using the traditional fax machine. Online faxing helps businesses overcome the challenges of traditional fax machines. For instance, with Google fax service you can enjoy the unmatched portability and convenience of email and retain faxing’s vital functions. These are some of the top advantages of using online fax.

Portable and Convenient

fax serviceOnline faxing allows you to send and receive fax from anywhere, anytime. You will find this to be convenient if you are running a business with a remote workplace. For instance, you can send contracts from your computer or smartphone. Also, you will have digital records of transactions and communication. In the past, you had to be in the office to process documents.


Deforestation has a huge impact on the environment. That is because traditional fax machines use paper. Also, fax machines consume a lot of energy. You should note that these machines run continuously to send and receive faxes. Since online faxes work with the internet, the energy impact is minimal.


Most businesses are concerned with using online fax processes due to security challenges. Since traditional faxes are transmitted through phone lines, they are considered to be safer than email. That is because hackers target networks and emails. You can overcome this challenge by using reputable online fax providers. In this case, your documents are protected through email confirmation and SSL encryption. Moreover, internet faxing ensures your documents are stored …

Understanding the Advantages of Online Fax Services

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Faxing is still widely used in the business world. Online fax services have made it possible to switch from the traditional fax machines to web-based fax services. Thus, if you are one of those that want to send and receive faxes on a regular basis, the following are some of the advantages that are offered by internet fax services.

Saves You Time and Money

When you use cloud-based fax services, then you are not wasting any more paper and no more costs for maintaining the fax machine. Ideally, you get to receive and send faxes from anywhere in the world. Thus, you do not have to travel to your office to start faxing.

Keep Documents Organized

faxing processFor instance, if you receive 20 faxes a day and at the end of the month, you have to process at least 600 pages. How can you manage such loads of paper for the whole year? According to, with online fax service, you have access to cloud storage. You can store all your sent and received faxes, and you can get access to files wherever you are and whenever you want.

Faxing From Mobile Devices

Nowadays, there are different internet fax providers who provide mobile apps for sending and receiving faxes. That means you can use the camera of your mobile device as a scanner to convert the paper documents to digital documents. In this way, you can easily send and receive a fax through your home.

Sign Documents Electronically

Most online …