Factors To Consider When Buying The Best LED Retrofit kits

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Factors To Consider When Buying The Best LED Retrofit kits


If you want to replace your standard incandescent lighting kit, then the best thing that you can ever do for yourself is to buy a LED retrofit kit. One outstanding advantage of the retrofit is that since it is an LED light, you are sure that it will be using a fraction of the energy that is used by either a halogen or incandescent lighting bulb. Additionally, an led retrofit kits will help one immensely reduce the costs incurred through lighting as the energy being spent is greatly reduced.

For those individuals who are environmentally conscious, this kit also caters for them. As it is made with technology that has environmental conservation in mind. So if you have already made your mind that you want to purchase an LED retrofit kit, then here are some of the factors that you should take into consideration.


Coloured roomThe first aspect that you should consider is the color of the kit. Since these kits are available in a variety of colors, it is important that you make your choice properly. Here, you are advised to select a color that best suits your requirements. Color is an important factor to consider more especially if you will be using the kit for lighting or you will be using the light to highlight a particular area or item. For instance, if you will be using it in the kitchen or in some lowly lit area, it is advisable that you purchase bulbs that are bright white in color. In the event of use on recessed fixtures or lighting tracks, you are advised to find a more subtle hue bulb.


For a very long time you will hear people who use LED bulbs complaining that even though these bulbs are very efficient in saving energy, they can’t compete with incandescent bulbs when it comes to matters brightness. Though this gap has been dealt with by the introduction of new technology in the manufacture of led bulbs. You might have realized that the best-LED retrofit kit is at per with most of the powerful incandescent when it comes to the light that it produces. To ensure that you purchase a kit that produces enough light, ensure that you compare lumens or you are sure of the required wattage as they are not translated on a one to one basis.

Watts and lumens

When you talk about watts, it is the amount of energy that the kit requires to so that it can light the bulb. But lumens are used as a measure of the amount that the bulb produces. Thus you are supposed to go for a kit that has a high lumen as the more lumen that the bulb produces, the brighter the bulb will be. Thus if you want to select an LED retrofit that is energy efficient, take into consideration its lumen as opposed to its wattage.


VoltageAnother important factor to consider is the voltage. Ensure that the kit you are purchasing matches the supply of voltage of where you will be using it. Ensure that you are careful when making decisions about voltage as having a kit with a low voltage will cost you more energy one while one that has a high voltage usually has a reduced lifespan.