The best gadgets this year

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The best gadgets this year

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gadgets-newThis is the mind boggling question that sends tech lovers to view blog headlines to look for the latest and best market releases. The latest development and display in technology was experienced during last year’s release of brilliant smart phones, compact cameras, applications and tablets which resulted to counteraction.

Just a few months into the year and we are commemorating the best achieving products that are fascinating and featured on important market releases. This year is brimming with a wide range of remarkable and outstanding gadgets, which include, connected stylish cars, a range of smart home technology, incredible television sets, and marvelous rollkers which promise less energy consumption, and provide comfort.

They are the best products with an overrunning impact on the market and with amazing programs within their category and for the future generations.

The product that has topped the list this year was the logbar ring. This genius ring lets you do incredible things like switching of the lights, turn on your TV, or even launching an application on your smart phone. According to the latest reviews it is not cheap and has a few number of problems.

watch gadgetThe second product is the digit sole smart insole. At $200 per pair this gadget will come in handy and catch the attention of many people who mind their weight as it tells you how many calories you’ve burned and it also tracks your steps.

The third gadget is the Sony symphonic light. A bedside lamp that similarly looks like a lantern. It proves to be more than just an LED bulb by having speakers which are controlled by an app on your smart phone to stream music and turn the lights on. The price tag has not yet been placed on this clever product.

A motorized belt comes at fourth place. A dream come true, a belt that monitors your cavity and waistline. Along these are spectacular accelerometer and gyroscope which bids it at a higher price.

Air2 floating Bluetooth speaker utilizes magnet technology. The magic employed on the shiny centrepiece looks cool and gives a statement of elegance. At $200 you can acquire this gadget and get all stylish.

the new gadgets of the yearSleepLQ kids bed captivates at the fifth place. It is a kids bed that tracks their sleep and monitors when they get up to alert you. You can easily identify your child’s sleeping pattern and end the sleepless nights torture. Theres an underbed light that is safety conscious that turns on when they get up and it wholly syncs with an iOS application that costs $1,000